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Do you suffer with muscle pain, tightness and soreness often?

Do you suffer with muscle pain, tightness or soreness often? Is it affecting your performance and leading to long recovery periods after intense exercise? Wave goodbye to that constant niggling pain or discomfort. Enjoy fast pain relief, improved circulation and reduced recovery time with the PROGUN Elite massage gun. It works to provide relief from muscle and joint pain and improve circulation to enhance your physical performance. 


The PROGUN Elite massage gun provides targeted deep-tissue massage therapy with pinpoint accuracy, allowing you to target specific muscles and hone in on problem areas. Deep tissue massage therapy breaks up knots and adhesions, helping to reduce soreness and discomfort, relieve tightness, and improve your overall mobility. Use pre-workout to warm-up muscles effectively to prevent injury and accelerate your recovery post-workout by using to improve circulation and oxygenate the muscles. 

How it works

The intelligent smart display and three variable speeds allow you to customize the intensity of your massage with whisper-quiet operation. Comes with six different attachment heads designed to treat every area of the body and target different muscle groups, and its ergonomic design helps you to massage even hard-to-reach areas. The compact, portable and lightweight design means you can take it with you wherever you go, and the long-lasting lithium-ion battery offers six hours of uninterrupted use, longer than most other massage guns on the market. 

PROGUN offers a range of market-leading features. We've engineered our devices to embody simplicity without compromising on functionality. Experience the seamless power of PROGLIDE technology. With a high-powered brushless motor, PROGUN offers controlled performance at any intensity level, eliminating jerky movements and erratic behavior experienced when using other massage guns. Enjoy a quiet and enjoyable massage experience as PROGUN effortlessly glides over your body, providing targeted relief like never before. 

As one of the lightest percussion massage therapy guns on the market, it’s offers effortless use and more control than competitor devices for the most effective massage therapy. Our signature OneTouch control also offers a seamless and effortless user experience with simple operation that puts you in full control. Simply hold to power on and easily cycle through speeds, settings, and intensities with a simple press of a button.

Comes with a durable travel case, perfect for carrying in your gym or training bag for use before and after training. Trusted by athletes around the world, optimize your wellness routine and elevate your recovery game with the PROGUN Elite. 

Dual Membership brings you a combination of recovery: the PROGUN Elite and PROCHARGE Tremor. This package is designed for those who seek variety and efficacy in their recovery routine, offering the tools and insights necessary to tackle any challenge. Experience ultimate muscle recovery with Dual Membership.

Featuring the PROGUN Elite and PROCHARGE Tremor, this package provides unparalleled variety and effectiveness for your recovery needs. 

International Rugby Star

Henry Arundell

International Rugby Star

Henry Arundell

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