Our Mission

To give every athlete on earth the devices and education needed to reach their absolute potential.

Our Vision

A world where every athlete on earth can reach their potential, with access to the same recovery and performance technologies as the professionals.

More to come.

An idea

Identifying the need

There was a clear disconnect between the support and opportunities elite athletes could access to look after their body, and what the every day, modern athlete could.

The design

A full eco-system

We knew there was a need to provide an immersive and diverse range of recovery devices, so that anyone could recover and look after their body in a way that worked for them.

Design thinking

Simple but complex

We designed our range to be as accessibe as possible. For this to be in its truest form, our devices are designed to be simple and straightforward to use. So simple, anyone could use them and benefit.

Testing and iteration

Rapid athlete testing

With initial product in hand, our devices were used extensively by athletes across Ireland - GAA, football, rugby, golf. With feedback and guidance from the best in the country, we iterated and refined our approach to product development.

Moving towards launch

Completion of R&D

18 months of development came to an end - we had our first six devices ready after months of moulding, tooling and testing.

Launching PROTEC Recovery

Making recovery accessible

Since 2022, we've been making recovery and wellness technology accessible to the modern athlete. Our range is used extensively across Europe, with some of the continents best athletes looking after their bodies using PROTEC Recovery devices.

Athletes and Partners across Europe

Validating the need

We are blessed in that our mission is shared by anyone that we work with. To date, we have partnered with professional clubs across Rugby, Football and Athletics to help their athletes recover anywhere.

Oleksandr Zinchenko wearing our state-of-the-art compression system, April 2023.

Launching subscriptions

Scaling the mission

As we go about our mission to empower athletes globally on the importance of recovery, we launched our market-changing subscription model, designed to put recovery at the forefront of athletes minds everywhere.

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