How often should you do compression therapy?

How often should you do compression therapy?

You’ve probably seen them by now, large, inflatable boots that professional athletes and celebrities seem to use every day. When you think about it, a compression system is really just a modern version of an old remedy. But if you’re thinking about investing in one, there are many reasons why a leg compression system could be worth it.

Whether you’re running a marathon or running after the kids all day, compression boots such as our PROBOOTS System can be used every day, irrespective of your exercise regime.

Known by its official term of pneumatic compression therapy, compression recovery boots apply a gentle pressure massage to your legs. They are a fast, efficient option for flushing out soreness and fatigue to recharge your legs at the end of a long day. No matter your lifestyle, these boots can be used at any time of the day to increase circulation and give your body a boost. Luckily for you, we’re on a mission to make technology like this accessible to the modern athlete. We’re making it easier than ever before for the everyday user to use this method of recovery, regardless of their lifestyle or needs.

Athletes like Henry Arundell, Megan Campbell, and Gareth Davies rely on PROBOOTS to recover faster and achieve peak performance when they need it most.

With a full eco-system of recovery devices available, it can be difficult to understand which device is right for your daily needs. We suggest stepping back and taking a holistic view of your life. Things such as how easily the recovery method fits into your schedule, the cost of the device, the versatility and portability, and the method of treatment itself. The beauty of offering an entire range of recovery devices and technologies is that there is a method of recovery for every individual.

One of the reasons why our athletes like PROBOOTS so much is that you can simply zip them up, choose your pressure and recovery mode, then adapt the time depending on how much free time you have. It’s one of the most passive forms of recovery someone can do, all in the comfort of your own home. There’s little to no effort required, and many of our athletes watch Netflix or read a book during their sessions.

Some recovery methods are more specific than others, however compression boots are one of the most efficient modalities for widespread fatigue and soreness because they cover more surface area and work on a larger region of the body at once.

How long do you wear compression boots? How often should you do compression therapy?

How long you spend in the PROBOOTS Recovery System is entirely dependent on you. A lot of our competitive athletes use them every day, at a time convenient to them. This could be first thing in the morning prior to training, or just before bed to help them unwind ahead of a full night’s sleep. It’s the most adaptable method of recovery out there.

Our compression boots offer a range of features, such as adjustable time and pressure settings, four recovery modes and customisable chamber control. The precise ten-level pressure range means you don’t have to worry about over-constriction, too much time, or too much pressure as you can easily customise your routine to what works for your body.


So, how do I find the best compression boots for me?

Whilst we believe that PROBOOTS Compression System is the most accessible and customisable compression boot on the market, there are a number of things you should look for when deciding to invest in a pair for your home.

We suggest researching the market and finding the system that offers the most amount of customization and control you want during your treatment, as well as being convenient to set up, lightweight to carry and portable so that it can be used anywhere. Hygiene is a huge concern in the modern world and so we also suggest looking at the design, materials and durability of the boots themselves. Ensure the product you choose is hypoallergenic and waterproof, so you can easily clean the boots during sessions and keep them as clean as possible. We would recommend asking yourself questions such as:

Do you want all of the benefits of compression therapy without worrying about set up, settings, or controls? Or do you want the flexibility to pinpoint exactly the treatment you need on any given day?

Luckily, PROBOOTS meets and exceeds all the demands of the modern athlete.

They are fully portable with up to four hour of battery life, six overlapping and hypoallergenic, waterproof leg attachments. Simply slip on the boots anytime, anywhere and recover on the spot. As one of the most customizable compression systems in the space, you’ll be able to control a variety of recovery settings. We also created four proprietary recovery modes, each with particular inflation speeds and cycles.

Once you start incorporating PROBOOTS into your daily life and experience the benefits of compression therapy, you’ll find that this easy-to-use system isn’t just for the professionals.

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