6 things to think about before getting a massage gun

6 things to think about before getting a massage gun

Massage guns are everywhere. That massager, hair dryer thing you keep seeing on your Instagram – what is it? How do they differ? A quick search on any online marketplace will bring up the hundreds of massage guns out there, all ranging in price, shapes, colours, attachments, casing and more. The question we get asked repeatedly? What makes ours different? Why should you buy a high-quality device when there are other massagers for half the price, that seemingly do the exact same thing?

Well firstly, when it comes to your body, you deserve technology that’s backed by science, experts, feedback from athletes, and designed specifically for you, the modern athlete. Our PROGUN range is not your typical massage gun. Quality wise, it’s best in class. We chose three main areas to focus on when developing Elite: quality, portability and durability. 


We’ll dive a bit deeper into them below.


1. The truth about quality.

Internal components is one of the biggest differences between a high-quality massage gun and cheap knock-offs created to jump on the massage-gun bandwagon. The Elite's commercial-grade brushless motor makes no compromises on power and performance, while every other part of the device was thoughtfully designed with high-quality materials fit for the job.

2. Depth does make a difference

The vast majority of massage guns work in the same way: back and forward punching actions with a piston head powered by a low-grade motor and insufficient battery. One of the primary things to look at in a massage gun is the depth of treatment. With a 14mm amplitude, Elite stands above on its own in a class of massage guns that struggle to offer the treatment your body needs. That’s why its Elite.

3. Don’t rely simply on speed

You will come across other brands in the space using marketing tactics to claim there massage guns exceed 5,000 percussions per minute. They don’t. No massage gun does. By design, they can’t. And thankfully, they don’t need to. At it’s absolute limits, 3,200 percussions per minute is absolutely optimal for the recovery and wellness benefits the user is after. Trust your gut, not the marketing buzz words.

4. Transparently tranquil.

We wanted to make recovery technology accessible to everybody. But we appreciate that not everybody is in a setting that would accept noisy, cumbersome recovery devices being used. That’s why we found a perfect balance of power and noise, optimising the final two aspects that make the Elite what it is. Elite.

5. I already have a massage gun, but I can’t use it on my lower back!

We got you. The lower back is just one of the many areas of the body that are hard to reach with the typical rough, angular design. That’s why Elite features a 110 degree ergonomic tilt on the body shell, providing infinite ways to hold the device without strain or added pressure on your hands and arms. Not only that, the lightweight build means that you can use freely for an extended period of time!

6. Not all attachments are created equal.

Massage gun attachments come in every shape and size you can imagine. But what we have seen in the space goes past complex innovation and finds itself bordering on silly development. It is critical that the shape of an attachment is designed with the body. That’s why we stuck to six of the most trusted and well-known attachments in the recovery space: ball, flat, bullet, fork, cushion & wedge.


Investing in your wellness or recovery routine isn’t always an out of the blue, impulsive decision. We appreciate you want to take the time to scope the market, explore offerings and choose the best offering for you body. So the more peace of mind, the better. It doesn’t have to break the bank, either. You can access state of the art recovery and wellness technology that you can trust to make a difference right here, with an industry-leading warranty to put all your worries to bed.


Our mission is to make recovery and wellness technology accessible to the modern athlete. We wake up every day trying to make this happen. We know that designing technology that you can trust to take care of your body is our privilege, which is why we continue to push the recovery and wellness space in ways that nobody else is.

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