How to use our PROCHARGE range for recovery

How to use our PROCHARGE range for recovery

Within our eco-system of smart recovery devices sits PROCHARGE. A state of the art vibration range built for the modern athlete. From massage guns to compression boots, understanding what works best for your body can be challenging. Sometimes, it’s a singular device. Other times, it can be a combination of devices where you get most benefits.

Foam rollers have been around for a while now, going back almost 30 years since they were first seen in changing rooms across Europe and beyond. Typically made of foam with a hollow space, they were one of the first and most widely adopted methods of self-massage ever created. Then, at some point in the more recent future, someone thought it would be a good idea to add a vibrational element and incorporate a motor within the hollow middle area. This newer method of self-massage was seemingly better at improving range of motion and blood flow thanks to the vibration therapy.

It was better than standard rollers. But we felt we could make it better. And so we did.

Introducing Tremor, the most powerful vibrational roller ever developed.

How does a vibrating roller work?

The single purpose of using a foam roller is to put pressure on the body. This pressure reduces the tension in the muscle, increases blood flow to the targeted area, and can reduce soreness and discomfort. These effects can help increase the users range of motion and prepare for activity, improve recovery, or even to help those overactive muscles relax to improve your posture.

Vibrating foam rollers are able to aid in recovery more efficiently than standard rollers due to the vibration element that occupies the hollow middle of the foam roller itself. Vibration can increase blood flow, reduce pain and sensitivity, decrease muscle tension, and warm-up the area.


How to use a vibrating foam roller

While there are many applications for vibrating foam rollers, the overall technique remains the same. Start by placing the vibrating roller on the floor or a flat, sturdy surface that can take your body weight. To make the experience more comfortable, we recommend using a yoga or fitness mat to add additional traction to your activity area and prevent the device moving or sliding.

Rest the muscle group you want to target on the roller with light, gentle pressure. Roll along the muscle until you find an area you feel slight discomfort in. You can concentrate on these areas as they more often than not have ’knots’. If you can take it, feel free to add downward pressure by lifting your body off of the ground for leverage, or slowly moving your nearby joints through their range of motion. We recommending spending up to 60 seconds on each area of your body to get the most from your session [depending on soreness].

The targeted vibrations will help distract your brain from the pain of rolling over sore muscles, while also increasing circulation and delivering a pleasant warming sensation. This sensation is essentially blood flow rushing to that area, not only bringing much needed oxygen to the muscle, but also helping flush out any metabolic waste.

Continue this treatment on all muscle groups that are tight, sore, and/or have knots and cramps. You could supplement this routine with deep-tissue massage, stretching, and intentional breathing for a full-recovery routine. For deep tissue massage, we recommend utilising the PROGUN Elite or nano for a full recovery experience.


You can find our 5-step guide to using any of our PROCHARGE devices below:

  1. Turn on your PROCHARGE device by firmly pressing and holding the power button for 2-3 seconds.
  2. It will automatically start on the lowest of vibration settings. To increase intensity (speed of the vibration), press the power button until the desired intensity is active.
  3. Place the device under the treatment area gradually applying light to moderate pressure as needed. Roll each muscle group slowly back and forth, around 1-2 minutes.
  4. To turn off the device, firmly press and hold the power button until the device turns off.
  5. Pack away your PROCHARGE device or place it on the USB-C Fast Charge provided to ensure full battery life ahead of your next session.


What is the best vibrating foam roller for me?

We developed a family of vibration devices to give users complete control over how they want to recover, and how they want to target specific muscle groups. Finding the best device for your needs will depend on what area of the body you are treating. Having a device dedicated to treating specific areas ensures that each muscle receives the best treatment, optimizing blood flow and aiding in recovery.

Each of our PROCHARGE devices are completely portable, unique shapes and distinctive purposes. They were specially designed to adapt powerful vibration and pressure to the body’s muscle groups, from their size, shape and exterior textures.

Looking for the right roller for you? Discover our range of PROCHARGE Vibration Devices here.

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